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Trad Climbing Experience – 1 day

**For those with some outdoor climbing experience looking to operate safely and independently and progress their climbing**
Spice Factor: 🌶️🌶️ | Difficulty: ⛰️
Bespoke 1:1 available – £375
Min 2 – Max 2


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Designed for those with some outdoor experience who want to up their skills, grade or knowledge. Low ratios and only the highest qualified and experienced instructors ensure you get the most out of this course. This 1 day course will cover in detail:

  • Choosing a suitable crag and route(s)
  • Understanding the UK trad grading system
  • Personal safety and access
  • Setting up top and bottom-rope systems
  • Selecting and building suitable anchors
  • Safe belaying
  • Personal abseiling
  • Basic problem solving and avoidance
  • Belaying a leader
  • Belaying a second
  • Choosing gear and building a trad rack
  • Placing, removing and racking of rock gear
  • Building anchors with rock gear
  • Single and double rope techniques
  • Retreating from a climb
  • Personal climbing movement and technique coaching
  • And of course LOTS of climbing! 😊

*A basic level of hill fitness and a good level of climbing fitness and currency is required to get the most out of this day. Previous experience climbing outdoors is recommended, if not strictly necessary.

**Exact course content and routes will depend on participants’ abilities, currency and fitness. We pride ourselves on being able to cater for and improve the vast majority of climbers’ knowledge, technique or ability.

*** At this level of course, it is expected that you will already have your own climbing PPE and have used it regularly indoors. All equipment except rock shoes are available to hire. If you have any questions regarding your equipment, fitness, transport of the suitability of this course for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Required Equipment

Included in the course:
Ropes and climbing equipment
Chalk and chalkbag
Not Included:
Rock climbing shoes

Please note: Any personal harnesses or climbing equipment will be checked as fit for purpose by Dubh Mor staff prior to use.

For safety reasons, only Dubh Mor ropes will be used.